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Cross Stitch Gifts for Orthodox Christians

Art is God’s gift to mankind and cross stitch designs are just and expression of this art. Did you know that cross stitch can also help in bringing you closer to God and that you can spread his love by simple patterns and designs? If not, then our collection of cross stitch ideas for Orthodox Christians is here to guide you. you can also buy custom embroidered patches from Divine store.

These patterns will help you to recreate Biblical images and other Christian icons to symbolize your love for God. All you have to do is do a little stitching and voila you will be done with inspiring patterns and designs meant to revive your spiritual faith.

The patterns and designs can vary a great deal. There are hundreds of icons out there which can serve as inspiration of your cross stitch gifts for orthodox Christians. You can display these pieces of embroidery within your own household and you can also present them as gifts to your friends and family who are devout and orthodox Christians. Trust us nothing would please them more as compared to these creative little cross stitch patterns invoking God and his mercy.

  1. Embroider Religious Texts

Your first option to embroider cross stitch patterns for Orthodox Christians would be to come up with designs delineating various religious, biblical and inspirational statements. You can deploy basic stitches to embroider this text. You can come across hundreds of statements which can be embroidered and serve as perfect inspirational present for your Christian friends and family.

  • Lizzie Kate suggests a cross stitch pattern with an embroidered statement reflecting Times for God. The statement says that God ought to be praised in happy times. He ought to be sought in bad times. He ought to be worshipped in hard times. He ought to be trusted at all times and he ought to be thanked every minute. Her cross stitch pattern has a stitch count of 53W x 185H.
  • Serenity Stitches has come up with another cross stitch pattern which reinforces the trust man should have in God. The embroidered text says that God made everything out of nothing so He ought to be trusted upon to take care of all of us. The stitch count of this piece of cross stitch embroidery is 84×97.
  • Janylynn has made a beautiful cross stitch design sending a reminder that God’s love never fails. The lovely sentiment has been taken from 1 Corinthians 13:8. It has also been set beautifully against a backdrop of embroidered butterflies. This cross stitch pattern can serve as the perfect wedding or anniversary gift for any of your Christian friends or family members.
  • Another innovative cross stitch design by Ursula Michael Design is meant to warm the hearts of Orthodox Christians. This cross stitch pattern reflects quilts that are hung upon a clothing line. Along with this icon, there is an embroidered inscription which says that hearts are warmed by kindness, while the warmth of souls is prayer.
  1. Embroider Religious Icons

Apart from cross stitch patterns delineating inspirational and biblical texts, there are a lot of designs which have Orthodox Christian icons embedded in them. A couple of those cross stitch ideas are pitched in here for your benefit. You can always add your own spice to these ideas and come up with innovative cross stitch designs.

  • Embroider Jesus with Lambs and make a wall hanging out of this cross stitch pattern.
  • Embroider an image of Christ with children and make a framed design out of it.
  • Make a cross stitch pattern of baby Jesus with Angels.
  • Stitch an emblem of the Easter Angel.
  • Recreate a scene of Christ’s baptism by embroidering a cross stitch pattern of it.
  • Make a beautiful design of Holy Mother with the Christ Child out of your cross stitch.
  • Depict the Ascension of our lady with cross stitch.
  • Adoration of the Magi is also a wonderful idea for cross stitch designs.
  • Make a cross stitch design reflecting Christ blessing children.
  • You can stitch a design reflecting Christ as a teacher.
  • A similar cross stitch pattern can show a depiction of a scene of the creation of Heavens.
  • Various cross stitch designs can delineate Christ in his various roles, such as that of a preacher or a shepherd etc.

You can also consider making use of cross stitch to denote important saints in the history of Christianity such as St. Elizabeth, St. Barbara, St. George, St.Demetrios, St. Emilia, and the three Holy Hierarchs etc. Similarly, icons from the Gospels can be cross stitched.

Present These Cross Stitch Patterns as Gifts to Orthodox Christians

Once you are finished with these cross stitch projects, you can then turn them into wall hangings or calendars or framed designs or book covers or wrappers or wall mats etc. There are various innovative options to present these to Orthodox Christians in the form of lovely, memorable gifts.

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How To Search For The Best Commercial Cleaning Services For Affordable Cleaning

Irrespective of the fact that you are a house owner, apartment manager, office owner, running a school or any other big establishments and are looking for affordable commercial cleaning services, then for your information the cleaning services these days have become a very integral and full-time activity. There are many benefits in there is a proper cleaning of buildings, houses, etc. These building will be having a spotlessly clean interior and exterior which leaves a long lasting impression and increases the longevity of the establishments whether big or small. Now a day, houses have very high home windows which cannot be easily reached and commercial building property countenance have a huge sparkling glass facade and has become stained and murkier gradually. This is why it will become necessary for you to hire the services of the commercial cleaning Footscray in order to get your property cleaned and maintained. You can come across many different kinds of g companies providing packages for affordable cleaning solutions. You can hire according to your requirement.

commercial cleaning Footscray

Here are some of the factors that should be considered for choosing commercial cleaning services.

Get Quotes: A professional cleaning company will be able to provide you with complete information on phone and email queries. You can ask for price quotes by giving exact details which should include the carpet area size, lawn area, portico, size of windows that needs cleaning, the categories, and condition of the windows, as well as their location/ease of access. If you are on a shoestring budget, then you must mention that also. It’s also an excellent idea to ask as to how the cleaning will be done, hours of working and how many cleaners will be needed. These days’ modern equipment are used and help in getting the long hour of work done in half of the time.

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Hence, there are several factors that are important to keep in mind before appointing a professional cleaning company.

Crazy Contact Lenses For Halloween

Contact lenses cannot only be worn on a daily basis but they are also super festive and can instantly uplift your Halloween costume and give you a surreal and uncanny effect which most of the people root for in the Halloween season. You can add up a crazy, scary, fun, wild effect and much more to your costume with an enormous range of contact lenses. The good thing about them is that they can be a perfect side-kick to pretty much any costume. These contact lenses will give you a noticeable pay-off in the party as well as enable you to create a funky and insane effect to your desired costume. So, we’ve put together an awesome collection of some of the most bizarre and exotic contact lenses of all time.

White Web

Opting for a funky and crazy look this Halloween but got no idea how? No issues! We’ve got you covered. These our contacts have a white-webbed design that will suit any costume. Inspired by the artistic pattern of the spider web, these will give a noticeable and attention-grabbing effect to your general appearance.

Black Spade Contacts

Add some drama to your eyes with these wonderful black spade contacts. These will be a bold and recognizable addition to your Halloween costume, covering your natural eye color completely. These contacts feature a black spade in the middle, causing an eye-catching effect.


Biohazard Funkiness

These striking contacts are the perfect way to lighten up your look this Halloween. The bright colors will make sure that your eyes get the attention they deserve, transforming your look into a whole new different one.

Bright UV Contacts

These UV contacts are on a whole new level of madness, glowing brightly under UV light. The best thing about these freaky lenses is that they come with a variety of vivid and funky colors. Bright yellow, green, blue and orange are desired by people especially during Halloween and parties. Not only do they look good at night, but they still manage to stand out in daylight as well.

Multicolored Contacts

The varieties of colors in these contacts blend in so nicely, leaving your eyes with a wicked and magical look. These contact lenses are not only appropriate in Halloween season but also in specific costume parties and some sick fashion events.

Skull Contacts

Scare the living daylight out of everyone by rocking these! Threaten your inner devil and opt these contacts to get a monstrous impact on your costume. These contacts feature a black and white cracked skull in the middle, giving you a demon and nerve-racking kind of look.

Hell Fire Contacts

Create an astonishing effect by wearing these hell fire contacts and make everyone’s flesh creep! These contacts contain a very dramatic and bold pattern of burning flames. Being ideal for a witch, devil or demon costume, they can give an eye-popping effect, making everyone’s blood run cold.

Reptile Patterned Contacts

Grab everyone’s attention by picking out these dauntless, daring and bold contacts. These highly spirited and intense Halloween snake eyes contacts have a cocky red and black color with a design inspired with reptiles. You’ll surely become a spot of view by opting these!